Adobe Muse - more User-friendly web design tool!

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Adobe Muse - more User-friendly web design tool!

Post by LeBecca on Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:37 am

Hey guys and girls! Check this out, this software is newly including in Adobe Creative Cloud suite, they capable with more features and more user-friendly then Adobe Dreamweaver!

Moreover, they have a function as like : I change the master design of page, and i'll change the design of the pages under it! Of course it has functions can do more than this..

Get a more understanding impression of Adobe Muse via this video:

Oya! and one more thing, if you already have Adobe Creative Suite/Adobe CS (as what we used CS version), you are still able to install Adobe Creative Cloud/Adobe CC and they won't crash together as what I knew from my friend that has experience on using it with Adobe CS. Of course, if you aren't using "something-officially", u have to take the risk...we knew how right.... ehehh >,<

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